Version: 0.9-1
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Size: 174 MB
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Amatix InstantPBX

What is Amatix InstantPBX ?

Amatix will instantly transform your computer in a small PBX. You don't have to install any software, just plug the Amatix CD in your CD drive and let the computer boot from it. In few minutes you will get a running Linux system with a configured Asterisk PBX.


  • Amatix will automatically detect your telephony hardware and will configure the Asterisk PBX accordingly. The default settings are reasonable for the most use cases, so you don't need to configure anything.
  • You can use VoIP (SIP, IAX2), analog or ISDN trunks.
  • There are 4 preconfigured VoIP extensions using SIP and 4 using IAX2.
  • You can add ISDN extensions using the HFC-S based cards configured for the NT operation mode.
  • Every extension has a voice mailbox.
  • The mailbox can be accessed using the telephone or using a web browser.
  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI). The owner of the mailbox will be notified when a new message is stored in the mailbox (available only for the VoIP extensions).
  • Email notification. The owner of the mailbox will be notified by email when a new message is stored in the mailbox.
  • Conference room reachable from every extension.
  • Common PBX functions like HOLD, TRANSFER, PARK etc.
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID). The extensions may be directly dialed appending the extension number to the base number (available for the P2P ISDN lines).
  • Music On Hold. The calling party hears music when it is holded.
  • Fax support (incoming and outgoing). The incoming faxes are stored in TIFF format. In the outgoing direction, you can send PDF or TIFF files. The faxes can be handled using a web based interface.
  • Installed and preconfigured calling card software ( A2Billing ).
  • Amatix is a LiveCD Debian-Linux distribution based on Morphix. It is running completely from CD and your disk will be not modified.
  • Amatix is customisable. You can modify the default settings and store your changes on the USB stick or on the hard disk. The changes will be loaded on boot. See also the customisation support page.


For more details about Amatix, please check its web interface (snapshot from an Amatix Office running multiple ISDN controllers. NOTE: Since it is a snapshot, not all links are valid.).

Hardware requirements

In order to run the Amatix InstantPBX you need a computer with the following components:

  • x86 compatible processor
  • 128 MB RAM (256 MB recomended)
  • CD drive

If you want to store the data (your customised configuration, voice messages, log files etc.), you can use:

  • USB stick
  • hard disk

To connect the Amatix InstantPBX with the digital and analog telephony equipment, the following telephony cards types can be used:

  • X100P -> for analog lines.
  • AVM Fritz! PCI -> for digital lines (ISDN).
  • HFC-S cards -> for digital lines (ISDN).


The software components used to build the Amatix InstantPBX have no warranty, so there is NO WARRANTY for the Amatix InstantPBX either.

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