Tyler Buibold
Lower Brunswick St, Leeds, United Kingdom

Tyler Buibold: Expert and consultant in software sales.

Would you like to find software with the best value for money for your company?

Software development
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HTML 5 Training

My services and skills

Discover my best services, I am a consultant and expert in software sales. I am the leader of a development and programming team. What are your needs on the web?

Software development

Need CRM management software for your business. You need a custom software

Software programming

You already have a software and you need a programmer to add new functionality to your tool?

HTML 5 Training

Html training, easily learn HTML coding and train yourself on the basics of the language.

Advice and information

We advise you, or inform you about the right choice of software to buy for your company.

Need my consulting services? You want your own software customized by me and my team.

My Story

Learn more about me!

Basically, I’m a coder, I learned the job 15 years ago, since then I train people, I build new software and I program new tools on the web to help people.

I’m passionate about :


Source code cleaning and optimization

The code of your website is important for the user, for the SEO and above all for the security of your site. With a badly made code any naughty hacker can hack your site for malicious purposes.

Need to secure your site and optimize your source code?

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